Media: CD Crystal Box

Label : Iron Bonehead
Press : IBP396CD - Deutschland
Year : 2018

New or Used : original new

Info : ABYSSOUS have been patiently perfecting their craft. It finds full bloom on the aptly titled Mesa, which presents ten tracks across a surprisingly expansive 35 minutes. With such a setup, one would think a record of quick-hitting constructions; instead, Mesa is more like five proper songs buttressed by just as many no-less-crucial interludes. As such, ABYSSOUS weave a more mind-melting tapestry than before, painting a fever dream in more gangrenous hues of ancient death metal and dizzying tension. It all very much sounds like the band who left us ...Smouldering, but whipped into a delirium of fractured angularity and even-more-fractured sanity. Mesa is no less rotten, but paradoxically more regal. Even the language the power-trio is using here - "Fissurge," "Aerosoils," "Perlurkural," "Vesspense," and especially the climactic "Congealed Lores" among them - suggest that they're indeed operating on a mesa all their own.

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